Odiham and North Warnborough Bowling Club


Buryfields, Odiham, Hook, Hampshire, RG29 1NE

Established 1985

Short Mat

Inside the clubhouse, we have room for 2 short mats, in the winter season (October to April), both short mats are available to play on everyday.

During the winter we have a Monday night short mat league. There are 5 teams and the competition consist of 20 matches played over 20 weeks (2 matches per night).

The Monday Night Short Mat League winners are listed below.

We also have a Short Mat Singles competition. The winners can be found on the Honours Boards page.

We also partcipate in a Thursday League where we field 2 teams against other clubs.


Short Mat League Winners
2019 Champions: B Roberts, A Webster, P Webster-Hayward, D Woodward, T Hewett, J Clark
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2019B Roberts, A Webster, P Webster-Hayward, D Woodward, T Hewett, J Clark
2018F Brailey, C Turner, A Webster, B Maynard, P Nightingale
2017D Woodward, C Turner, P Webster, A Webster, S Martin, B White
2016F Brailey, A May, J May, P Chitty, P Webster, Warna
2015F Brailey, A Nayler, B Roberts, R Cannon, A Cannon
2014B Whyborn, E Whyborn, D Morgan, P Chitty, M Dixon
2013M Woodage, D Woodage, T Carter, R Childs, B Roberts
2012E Wardle, C Wardle, R Clinker, C Turner, D Spruce
2011F Brailey, P Snelling, T Crofts, L King, M King, R Rogers, K Rogers
2010L King, M King, D Spruce, J Core, F Brailey, R Rogers
2009A Nayler, P Snelling, C Stock, J Core, T Carter
2008M King, C Stock, J Core, T Carter
2007M King, C Stock, J Core, T Carter
2006M Alexander, M King, C Stock, W Kitney
2005E Heyhoe, M Alexander, W Kitney,C Stock
2004J Matthews, P Matthews, M King, L King
2003C Stock, M Alexander, E Heyhoe, W Kitney
2002D Woodage, F Brailey, T Crofts, L King
2001E Hyhoe, M Alexander, W Kitney, C Stock
2000E Wardle, J Chislet, P Franklin, W Fry
1999A Pratt, A Pratt, K Bowyer, P Bowyer
1998D Gallop, F Brailey, L King, B Maynard
1997A Pratt, T Harris, W Rankin, A Pratt
1996D Poulter, Pop Gallop, P Franklin


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